• ARSH HOLDING a leading group of companies in the private sector of Iran has been engaged in management & execution of various projects for more than two decades. Today Arsh Holding is recognized as an outstanding contributor to the mounting efforts of the nation to meet its industrial, technical and national requirements by focusing on increasing the efficiency, entrepreneurship, export and gross domestic product.

    The founders of ARSH HOLDING with more than three decades experience in economical efforts in industrial, mining, export and contracting fields, have been honored as the exemplar entrepreneur, industrialist and exporter and received the appreciation tablet from presidents of Iran.

    Our successful achievements are attributed to the accumulated strength of our well qualified managerial and technical staff with diversified experience.

    These great achievements would never come through unless you have a strong back up of machinery. Arsh Holding is very conscious to use the most modern equipments and heavy machineries to obtain the maximum efficiency.
    ARSH HOLDING with more than 3000 staff will ensure efficient and confident services by its professional qualified experts who have developed and implemented modern management techniques and proven supervisory methods in possible shortest time to all clients at home and abroad.

    Considering the above mentioned factors, ARSH HOLDING has succeeded in obtaining the first rank of overburdening and extraction volume in Iran mines (Copper, Lead, Zinc, construction stones & …) and therefore our export to other countries has been increased in recent years.

    ARSH HOLDING has extended its activities in other countries and has focused on exporting the technical & engineering services to other countries such as China, U.A.E., Sri Lanka, Senegal & …

    Main fields of activity of ARSH HOLDING are as follows:

    • Investment & contracting, Mining, Overburdening & Extraction in Copper, Lead, Zinc, Iron Ore, Coal, Kaolin & … Check out
    • Investment & contracting in Civil Engineering, Road Making and construction of  Dams, Jetties, Buildings, Gas, Oil, Petrochemical projects and establishment of industrial factories. Check out
    • Investment in Construction stone quarries, extraction, processing and exporting to Arabian, Far East & European countries. Check out
    • Investment in and establishment of Dehloran Cement Factory with the capacity of 1,200 Million Tons per year. Check out
    • Investment in and establishment of Maibod Coke Making Factory with capacity of 400,000 tons per year. Check out
    • Development of Marine Industry and ship making and establishment of shipyard in Khoramshahr. Check out
    • Production & supply of necessary equipments of power distribution and transition networks in Mashhad. Check out
    • Communication data transmit ion, IT, High Speed Internet (ADSL) & Mobile Banking. Check out